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Dear Bookseller,

We are really excited to announce our Gardners Trade Show once again this coming September! I would like to personally invite you to come along and spend the day with us, and the publishers that will be exhibiting and discover the fantastic titles due to come out this winter. We have publishers such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Walker and many more besides eagerly waiting to show you their forthcoming books!

It is a great day to meet not only publishers and Gardners team, but also for networking with other independent bookshop owners and friends.

We are also proud to be working in collaboration with the Bookseller Association with their annual conference events directly following our show. We are also pleased to be sponsoring their event, allowing Independent Booksellers to attend for FREE.

We have a packed line up for you with some great authors, watch this space for updates!

Kind regards,


Nigel Wyman,

Head of Business Development - UK


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