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Sales Publications

Throughout the year Gardners creates a variety of publications that cater for new releases, promotional titles, specialist subjects and trade news. These publications are available both in print and digitally at gardners.com, to find out more read below.


The Gardners Select is our monthly publication, featuring a comprehensive range of new titles for the forthcoming month. Copies are printed and despatched to independent booksellers across the UK, and a dedicated overseas mailing list. We also offer the publication as a digital page turning version via our trade website.

Specialist Publications

Each year Gardners produces a series of specialist publications for customers. These additions to the publishing schedule prove ever popular with booksellers. The specialist publications consist of adverts, editorials and promotions, and are a good way for booksellers to stock up in these core stock categories.


With each edition of Select we also send out an A5 Promotions publication. This features all of the forthcoming month’s promotions and pre-publication discounts. With up to 50% discount on hundreds of titles, the Promotions publication is a great monthly run down of our best promotional titles.

Independent Booksellers
Affiliate Programme

Independent booksellers can benefit from our monthly IBAP brochure. Listing a huge number of new and relevant physical book titles with between 50-55% discount, provided by 45+ member publishers. A panel of independent booksellers also select and review a top 10 list of adult titles and a top 5 list of children's titles every month.

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