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Wholesaler or Distributor

Wholesaler or Distributor, What's the Difference?

This is a question that is frequently asked, particularly by those new to publishing. The basic difference is that a distributor will handle orders from both bookshops and wholesalers on terms set by the publisher and will also hold all of the publisher's stock. This will normally incur charges for receiving, storing, dispatching and handling stock, on agreed terms and rates. In addition they will invoice and collect payment on behalf of the publisher.

A wholesaler on the other hand will sell on the terms that they agree with the retailer, and will invoice and collect payment on their agreed terms with the customer and undertake the associated credit risk.

However, Gardners is registered with Nielsen Bookdata as a full book trade distributor for over 250 publishers. This means that we fulfill all orders received through the Nielsen Bookdata Teleordering system, at Gardners Terms & Conditions, thus saving the publisher the cost and effort of fulfilling lots of small orders.

In addition, we now offer an enhanced distribution service, to selected publishers who meet certain commercial criteria.

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