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Supplying Waterstones

I would like to supply Waterstones

Waterstones buy many of their books from small publishers via Gardners.
In order to sell to the Waterstones branches it is necessary to register with Waterstones, via Gardners. To do this please contact the Independent Publisher Coordinator by email ipc@waterstones.com and ask for a Waterstones Trading Application form. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from www.waterstones.com

Once the form is completed please return the form to Gardners as instructed on the form. Click here for our help notes on completing the Waterstones form.

Once registered, Waterstones will notify you to permit marketing of your books to their branches. However, submitting this form does not guarantee that Gardners will hold stock.

When a Waterstones branch places an order for your books, the order will be received by Gardners. We will order from you or your distributor. Once the book is delivered to Gardners we will supply the branch. You invoice us and we will invoice Waterstones.

Waterstones will not accept deliveries direct to store, they must come via Gardners.

We constantly review the level of business that we do with you, with a view to holding stock of your books if the sales justify it.

All the marketing initially is down to you, the publisher.

Finally, provided that all the details are correct with Nielsen BookData, all our other customers will be able to order your titles from us.

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